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From the President



When you start to pay attention to Hengfu, you have become a friend of Hengfu.

Because we deeply feel that in the course of enterprise development, every step forward is inseparable from the strong support of customers and the full help of all sectors of society. The common efforts and struggles of all employees are just to thank customers for their trust, friends for their love, and everyone for their perseverance.

Gallop thousands of miles, suddenly look back, is full of prosperity. With the wisdom and sweat of two generations, Hengfu has realized the transformation from selling foreign brand power supply to independent research and development, and completed the concept evolution from primary management mode to modern management mechanism. Now, it continues to make steady progress on the land with its own property rights. This is a history of self-improvement and innovation created by wise decision-making leaders, smart managers, innovative R & D personnel, active marketing elites, hard-working front-line employees, and unknown logistics support personnel. It is also a history of enterprise development that we have worked hard for!

Make tide son to billow head stand, hand red flag is not wet. We always adhere to the business philosophy of "customer satisfaction", regard quality as the life of the enterprise, rely on several decades of professional R & D experience and excellent manufacturing technology guarantee, concentrate on the production of switching power supply, and constantly provide customers with high-quality products and services, and strive to become a leading green power supply enterprise with technology leading development. It is our unchanging pursuit to make our products to the best. It is the historical mission of Hengfu people to strive for perfection and build Hengfu into an internationally famous power R & D and manufacturing enterprise.

Wind eaves show books, ancient road according to color. We regard Hengfu people as the most valuable wealth of the company, and it's our responsibility to create, enrich, develop and attract talents. It's our direction to let every Hengfu people work happily and share the joy of enterprise growth. It's our principle to take efficiency and efficiency as the center, mutual benefit and win-win with customers. It's our duty to create social value, and it's our essence to be honest and trustworthy.

Heaven and earth keep liver and gall, rivers and mountains read sideburns. We believe that with the help of friends from all walks of life, with the trust of our customers, and through our unremitting efforts and hard work, Hengfu, an elite team, will go to a more brilliant and splendid other side in the long voyage of the market tide. We hope that in the future, we will continue to help, encourage and care about Hengfu and support Hengfu.

When we lit the fireworks for the 20th anniversary of the enterprise, Hengfu people began to write a new chapter in history. Hengfu, a growing national brand, fully relies on its independent and complete production advantages and strong innovative technology support, with its unique operation and management mechanism, constantly realizes the dream of strengthening the enterprise on the ordinary and uneven journey. Let's use decades of history and accumulation, decades of persistence and unrepentant, decades of sincerity and enthusiasm to work together with you to create brilliance in the process of "China Hengfu" moving towards "world Hengfu"!

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