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Brand Story



 Brand founder Zhang Chiheng



In 1992, in the process of investigating industrial equipment, Mr. Zhang Chiheng found that the core component of many well-known enterprises' equipment - "power supply" almost uses foreign brands, while domestic similar products are blooming everywhere, but there has never been a leader to compete with foreign products. With his enthusiasm for national industrial brands, Mr. Zhang Chiheng initiated the idea of creating Chinese brand power supply. In lane 132, Ruijin Second Road, Shanghai, "Hengfu" enterprise, whose main business is sales and maintenance of imported power supply, was established in a low-key manner. Its "Heng" comes from the name of the founder of the enterprise; "Fu" comes from the book of changes - "Youfu, Guangxiang, Zhenji, and lizhechuan". It means "honest and trustworthy, honest and upright, you will succeed in doing things, and the result of Zhanwen is auspicious. You will go abroad and cross a wide river smoothly". "Hengfu" means: Zhang's enterprise is honest and trustworthy, and will be able to sail far.

In 1995, after three years of exploration and dedicated research, relying on accumulated maintenance experience, learning from foreign excellent advanced technology, combined with the needs of the domestic market, "Hengfu" began to use imported brand components, and went to an independent R & D, production and sales of its own brand entrepreneurial process. In Shanghai No. 59 middle school, Hengfu was officially listed.

In 2000, with the establishment of several directly affiliated branches and offices across the country, "Hengfu" passed the ISO9002 quality management system certification and gradually expanded its product influence; in 2002, a variety of products passed the UL international safety regulation certification; in 2003, a variety of product series passed the CE certification and the quality management system certification standard was upgraded to ISO9001. In the same year, Hengfu registered its Chinese trademark; in 2005, Hengfu Fu English trademark registration. Hengfu brand has taken shape.

In 2009, Hengfu became the LED power supplier for the 60th anniversary of the National Day Tiananmen military parade; in 2010, Hengfu became the power supplier for the venues of Shanghai World Expo. In December 2010, Hengfu enterprise moved into the self owned property right production base in Songjiang East Economic Development Zone of Shanghai, which covers an area of 25 mu and a plant area of 13000M2. So far, Hengfu brand is deeply rooted and growing.

At the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the enterprise in 2012, the leaders of the enterprise said that Hengfu is everyone's Hengfu.


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